Abortion Fight Heats Up In Texas

Ever since State Senator Wendy Davis grabbed national attention by using the filibuster to stop the passage of an anti-abortion bill, Governor Rick Perry is doing everything he can to make sure it becomes law. David Nather from Politico wrote that even though President Obama and Senate Majority Harry Reid have become actively involved in backing Senator Davis, the Republican party has been slow to get their own national leaders involved. Nather wrote, “The mismatch makes sense: Even abortion bills that poll well, like the one in Texas does, open the door to the kinds of comments that have hurt national Republicans repeatedly — from Rep. Trent Franks’s comments last month on the “very low” number of rape-related pregnancies to Todd Akin blowing his shot at a Senate seat over his “legitimate rape” remarks in 2012.” To read more, please visit http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/gop-texas-abortion-fight-93636.html?hp=f1