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Senate 2014 Race Off and Running

As 2014 approaches, the race for Senate seats has begun. As the Republicans are outnumbered, this election is crucial if they want to have the same weight as the Republican majority in the House. Representative Tom Cotton from Arkansas plans to announce his bid next week, where he will challenge Democrat Senator Mark Pryor. As […]

Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Republicans Focus on Tax Reform

As the new fiscal year approaches with a need for a Federal Budget, the attention in Congress is slowly shifting away from social and immigration issues to the economy. President Obama gave a speech in Illinois last week, where he talked about the need to refocus on jobs. One of his ideas, in particular, is […]

Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.

Senator Rubio To Lead Anti-Abortion Efforts

Senator Marco Rubio has been noticeably absent since he only mustered 14 votes from Republicans for his immigration reform bill. This absence is probably due to the opposition he received from the right wing conservatives. Rubio said that he feels “very strongly” about the abortion, and would like to lead the bill that would ban […]

Half and Half On Immigration

In a recent poll released by ABC and the Washington Post, Americans are seen to be divided in their support for or against the immigration bill. 46% are in favor, whereas 44% are against it. On such a heated issue, these numbers are surprising, and now the Capitol looks next to the House and how […]

Op-Ed: Hard Conservative Ted Cruz Wants a Hard Conservative for President

Contributed by Larry Sterne, a young Republican from Iowa.  During a trip to Iowa this weekend, outspoken Texas Senator Ted Cruz was uncharacteristically tight-lipped in the face of questions about his White House aspirations. Despite repeated inquiries, the Senator never gave a definitive “yes” or “no” to reporters who asked if he’d be running for […]

On the Floor

Mitch McConnell on the senate floor  said that Democrats keep pivoting back and forth back and forth. In this statement, he referred to the student loan debate and said that it is long overdue. He said that Democrats are using politics instead of policy. Mitch McConnell said they need to stop, and the student loan […]


Elephant News Daily Rewind

A daily rewind of major Republican events.