Monthly Archives: June 2013

Senator Murkowski’s Response to SCOTUS Ruling

Senator Murkowski from Alaska, one of the few Republicans to support gay marriage, released the following statement to the SCOTUS ruling of DOMA stating, “I welcome today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act because the federal government should empower households, respect the decisions of states and otherwise get out of the […]

Senator Coats Against Immigration Bill

Senator Coats spoke on the Senate floor today on the Immigration Reform Bill. He addressed that at times like this where Benghazi is still not settled and people are trusting less and less in their government, the immigration bill needs to be as transparent as possible in order to gain the trust of the American […]

Senator Blunt Fights For Coal

Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri strongly opposes President Obama’s attack on coal. During the Republican Leadership Stakeout, Blunt expressed his concerns about the Obama Administration’s proposed regulations on coal. The Senator said, “This plan contradicts President Obama’s 2012 campaign rhetoric, when he claimed to support an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy. Now the Obama administration is admittedly waging a ‘war on coal,’ which will […]

“Mr. President, what are you thinking?”

Senator Lindsey Graham is strongly opposed to President Obama’s position against the passage of the Keystone Pipeline. The controversy is over greenhouse emission standards and environmental issues. Senator Graham is quick to point out, however, that if we miss this opportunity countries such as China with low environmental standards will be quick to purchase the […]

Senator John Barrasso Against Obama’s Energy Tax

Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming released a statement today that strongly opposes President Obama’s national energy tax. This plan goes against Gina McCarthy, who is Assistant Adminstrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, promise to the Senate that there would be no increase to regulations on existing power plants. Senator Barrasso, who is Chair for the […]

Senator Paul Explains His Position On Immigration

In an op-ed published in Politico today, Senator Rand Paul very clearly states why he is opposing the immigration reform bill. He says that the first priority should be to secure the border, and by granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and offering less work visas is just going to keep the ongoing problem of limiting […]

Hoeven-Corker Amendment Passes 67-27

This morning, Senator Marco Rubio appeared with Greta van Susteren to discuss the success of the Hoeven-Corker Amendment passing. For any confusion that there may have been before this passage, Rubio is adamant to repeat again what now the bill will involve in regards to border security. This bill will include many of the the […]

Senator Cornyn Opposes Immigration Amendment

Although there seems to be a surprisingly large amount of Republicans in favor for the Immigration Reform Bill, especially since the Hoeven-Corker amendment, some key Republicans insist there needs to be more time and more of an outline presented to tackle this major US problem. Senator Cornyn from Texas, who is second in minority leadership, […]

Senator Hoeven Sets the Record Straight

As this week begins on the Hill, the buzz is all about Immigration. This historical, bipartisan legislation will address a longterm issue the country faces. Senator Hoeven from North Dakota and Senator Corker from Tennessee will be doing all they can to ensure their amendment to the bill passes. This amendment outlines certain border protection […]

Senator Rand Paul Changes Stance on Immigration Bill

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky appeared of CNN today where he stated that he will be voting no for the immigration reform bill. He was previously a supporter of the bill, but changed his stance when they failed to include an amendment that focuses on Congresses’ ability to implement border security. “We’ve thrown a lot of […]