The Proactive Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was shunned by super-right wing Republicans for applauding the way President Obama dealt with Hurricane Sandy. The governor, who is a look to for 2016 potential, is very clear that he is not taking sides, and is instead doing what is right for the people. In an interview weeks ago with MSNBC when asked about his tie with Obama, he very clearly explained that his number one job is to “do his job,” and if that means collaborating with the opposite party President in order to get results, then so be it. According to a Politico article by Maggie Haberman, he “slammed” the president at a town hall meeting saying the president is, “more concerned about being right than he is concerned about getting things done.” This remark shows Chris Christie’s true character despite what different groups might say-he does not care what you think as long as he’s getting results for the people he serves. With a 69% approval rating, it seems that he has his priorities somewhat straight. To read more, please visit