Senator McConnell Reaches Out to Sports Officials

As the Obama administration seeks to employ its usual celebrity crowd to garner popularity, they have recently sought out professional sport organizations to promote their healthcare legislation. Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky who is minority leader in the Senate wrote a letter to the commissioners of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Professional Holf Association, and the chairman and CEO of NASCAR urging them against Obama’s request. The letter told these sports leaders that even after three years of the law, the popular discontent with it is why Congress has failed to provide the funding for its implementation. McConnell stated, “The law was enacted on a strictly partisan basis and Republicans unanimously opposed it based on evidence that it would raise health care costs, increase taxes, raid Medicare to pay for a new Obamacare entitlement program and prompt the federal government to intervene in Americans’ personal health care decisions.” Senator Cornyn from Texas also wrote letters to these sports officials. The two senators feel it is crucial that they know the other side of the story, and more importantly the facts, before they endorse and promote Obamacare.