One Year Later

Today is the one year anniversary of the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare, and Republicans are using this date to point out the flaws in the bill. Most GOP lawmakers are adamant that the law is revoked, and are quick to point out the inefficiency, confusion, and lack of public support. Senator John Thune from South Dakota released the statement, “ObamaCare has been built on a series of broken promises, and is deepening the administration’s trust deficit and credibility gap with the American public. Despite Democrats’ assurances that the bill would lower premium costs and allow Americans to keep the insurance they liked, ObamaCare has instead resulted in higher premiums, higher taxes, fewer jobs, more regulations, and more government spending.” The red tape tower that has made its way around Republicans’ offices in the Capitol is symbolic to the many regulations, as well as the disorganization of the entire procedure. While Republicans believe that there definitely needs to be health reform, most believe that it should be in a way that is not forced through the legal system and that does not hurt American families and small businesses.