DOMA Debate Begins

Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, issued the following statement today on the DOMA decision, “Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis and President Clinton signed it into law.  The House intervened in this case because the constitutionality of a law should be judged by the Court, not by the president unilaterally.  While I am obviously disappointed in the ruling, it is always critical that we protect our system of checks and balances.  A robust national debate over marriage will continue in the public square, and it is my hope that states will define marriage as the union between one man and one woman.” The next debate will be state’s rulings on legalizing gay marriage. Thirty-six states currently have bans on gay marriage, and many are relying on the right’s opposition to the law. Brian Brown who is head of the National Organization for Marriage, however, is confident that the passage will not be determined by the GOP. Brown said, “Any Republican who runs for president will have to support this position. He will lose in the primary if he does not. Period.”