Senator Coats Against Immigration Bill

Senator Coats spoke on the Senate floor today on the Immigration Reform Bill. He addressed that at times like this where Benghazi is still not settled and people are trusting less and less in their government, the immigration bill needs to be as transparent as possible in order to gain the trust of the American people. Senator Coats said he cannot support the way the bill is written in that it is a “horse before the cart,” which means that there needs to be full border security before they grant legal status to illegal aliens. Instead of granting amnesty, Coats believes the United States needs to show Americans results. As a son of immigrants, he is absolutely for immigration and the diversity it gives the United States. As there are so many people waiting to come to America in the right way wait in line as illegals are allowed to have citizenship when they’ve come illegally. Senator Coats hopes that the Senate continues to address this flaw in the immigration system, but it needs to be a more thorough and thought out approach.