Senator Hoeven Sets the Record Straight

As this week begins on the Hill, the buzz is all about Immigration. This historical, bipartisan legislation will address a longterm issue the country faces. Senator Hoeven from North Dakota and Senator Corker from Tennessee will be doing all they can to ensure their amendment to the bill passes. This amendment outlines certain border protection “triggers” that need to be implemented before legalization of illegal immigrants. Senator Hoeven’s press office issued today a “myth versus fact” report. Two interesting facts that have been misinterpreted are:
MYTH: Hoeven-Corker grants instant amnesty. 

FACT: In order to adjust to lawful RPI status, unlawful immigrants would be required to pay a fine, pass criminal and national security background checks, and start paying taxes. Only after ALL FIVE “triggers” of the Hoeven-Corker Amendment have been fully implemented AND at least 10 YEARS have passed can RPIs apply for a green card. 

MYTH: Hoeven-Corker is 1,200 pages that nobody has read. Nobody knows what’s in it. 

FACT: The notion that there are 1,200 NEW pages is very misleading. The tough border and interior enforcement provisions of Hoeven-Corker make up 119 pages added to the 1,100 that have been public since May. Also, most of the text aside from the border security improvements was from already filed and publicly available amendments. Since Friday, all members have had the text of the amendment and will have more than 72 hours to read and review the proposal before any votes.  It’s not complicated: 20,000 Border Patrol agents, 700 miles of fence, 90% of overstays, and no abuse of federal benefits. 


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