Gabriel Gomez Is What the Republican Party Needs

According to the Associated Press, Senate Republican Candidate Gabriel Gomez is exactly what the Republican Party needs, but he is slow to receive campaign support from some of the party’s main donors. His opponent, Ed Markey, has received much more money for his campaign. Gabriel Gomez is a former nay seal, a self-made businessman, a supporter of gay marriage and immigration reform, as well as a native Spanish speaker from a Colombian immigrant family. “He’s an American hero and he was being abandoned by the Republican establishment,” says John Jordan, a California-based Republican donor who was driven by frustration in recent weeks to create a super PAC that pledged to spend up to $1.3 million to help Gomez. “The Republican establishment says they want middle-of-the-road Latino candidates – here they had one.” Former Senator Olymipia Snowe says it is unclear whether the party will follow through to reach out to more moderate candidates. To read more, please visit