Border Security Amendment Part of the Immigration Reform Bill

Senator Marco Rubio released a statement that Senator Hoeven and Senator Corker’s amendment to the Immigration Bill will be included. The amendment S. 744 focuses on border security, a request by many senators. Senator Rubio said, “The United States is a sovereign country, and we have a sovereign right to protect our border,”said Rubio.  “The Republican Border Surge Plan is based on ideas border patrol agents and others know to be effective and that conservatives have been pursuing for many years.  They’re ideas based on the state of the art technologies available to us today that weren’t around in 1986, 1996 or even 2006. ” The amendment means that no illegal immigrant can apply to be a citizen of the United States until ten years have passed and until certain border protection is implemented. Protection includes 700 miles of fencing to stop pedestrians passing, along with other “triggers.” To read more, please visit