Senator Rand Paul Steps Up

Rich Lowry from The Politico wrote an opinion article that illustrates how the recent government NSA leak as well as other news stories are bringing Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky into the limelight. The libertarian senator who is much against government being too powerful and too invasive has found himself able to respond to relative events.  Lowry wrote, “It is a Rand Paul moment in the Republican Party not just because the headlines almost every day seem to reinforce his core critique of leviathan as too big, too unaccountable, and too threatening, but because he is smart and imaginative enough to capitalize on those headlines.” Senator Paul made his first major break through with his long filibuster where he daringly questioned the use of Drone policy to attack American citizens. As the 2016 elections draw closer, this senator continues to stand up for his convictions and respond to what he thinks wrong with government. To read more, please visit