Senator McConnell Addresses Problems with Obamacare

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky again highlighted the ongoing problems with Obamacare. The senator is in favor of repealing and replacing the health care law with “easily-implemented, commonsense reforms that lower the costs for Americans.” McConnell noted a recent survey that showed only 19 percent of Americans to believe Obamacare will help their family. The length of the bill and its many regulations is also worrisome to the leader, who said, “We’re talking about a 2,700-page piece of legislation here. We’re talking about a law that has already generated more than 20,000 pages of regulations—a Red Tape Tower. And we’re talking about an edict that proposes to alter one of the most personal, most private aspects of our lives in a fundamental way.” To read more, please visit http://www.mcconnell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=PressReleases&ContentRecord_id=2c64f631-9841-4cef-bc38-e0652beb91b4&ContentType_id=c19bc7a5-2bb9-4a73-b2ab-3c1b5191a72b&Group_id=0fd6ddca-6a05-4b26-8710-a0b7b59a8f1f