Senator Murkowski Shows Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska published an op-ed today that shows her support for same-sex marriage. She is the third Republican senator to do so, following Senator Portman and Senator Kirk. In her op-ed, she describes how seeing a foster family from a same-sex couple selflessly care for four siblings in order for them to not be separated and to have a home together showed her the importance of honoring all families, no matter the sex. Murkowski writes, “After their years of sleepless nights, after-school pickups and birthday cakes, if one of them gets sick or injured and needs critical care, the other would not be allowed to visit them in the emergency room – and the children could possibly be taken away from the healthy partner.  They do not get considered for household health care benefit coverage like spouses nationwide.  This first-class Alaskan family still lives a second-class existence.” To read the whole OP-ED, please visit the site