Governor Christie Dodges Presidential Inquiries

On MSNBC this morning, Governor Chris Christie defended himself through questions of why he went to speak with Bill Clinton at CGI instead of attending the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC. Governor Christie fired back that the former president of the United States called and asked him to talk about leadership in the time of crisis, and he views that “it is my job to do my job.” Governor Christie also showed his leadership skills when asked about having the Senate elections a different day than his own election day, and he said he was to make a legal choice where he chose correctly, and he wants to send someone down to the Hill as soon as possible.

The topic of conversation shifted to national politics, where the looming question of whether Christie will make a run for the White House came to topic. Christie first mentioned the difference between state and national politics, where he said that the Republican governors, who hold the title in 30 states, are more perceived as “doers” who get things done without losing their principles. He said that “someone needs to take leadership down there, and I’m upset the president hasn’t done that.” He continued, “Our party should be focused on nominating the best possible candidate we can to win the election in 2016.” With an approval rating of 70%, Christie definitely holds a chance of being asked to run. To watch the full view interview, please visit