Rubio Pushes Border Amendments

Senator Marco Rubio remains confident as he pushes forward the bipartisan immigration bill. He has recently accepted security amendments so people know exactly what procedures will be implemented if the bill passes. In an interview with David Drucker for the Washington Examiner, Rubio stated regarding the border “So, what I’m arguing is that we should make that plan detailed. Let’s detail what the border plan is, so when members vote for this bill, they’re not voting for the promise of coming up with a border plan in the future, they’re voting on a border plan that we have seen, that we have talked to border patrol agents about and that we actually know how many miles of fence, how many sensors, how many cameras, what we’re actually asking them to complete before the green card process can start.” If this bill does pass, critics have said it will be an example of the county’s two parties working together. To read the full interview, please visit the site at